2013 Quilters Fair

Fair Artists

  • Charlotte Anderson: Felted accessories & jewelry
  • Charlotte Bertram: Sumi ink cards
  • Mona Bourell: Crocheted bracelets & necklaces
  • Craig Eichenbaum: Color lithographs & cards
    Dave Elliott: Wooden cutting boards
  • Ben Farnham: Watercolor paintings & cards
  • Fitting Arts:
    • Chris Fitting - Sculpture,
    • Judy Stemens - Gourds
  • Mirto Golino: Wall sculptures, cards, crochet hats
  • Heather Graef: Handbags, eyeglass cases, totes, etc.
  • Titia Heynneman: Hindelhoopen painting
  • Cathe Howe
  • Diana Lerwick: Jewelry
  • Melinda Moore: Oil, acrylic, mixed media paintings
  • Lorna Newlin: Pottery
  • Marie Porti: Jewelry
  • Arlene Robertson: Rum cakes
  • Lesley Segedy: Beeswax candles & herbcraft
  • Julie Smith: Preserves, holiday breads & cakes
  • Marilyn Stiles: Ceramics
  • Tisha Thompson: Knitted & felted toys
  • Nina Vincent: Crocheted hats
    Hideo Yoshida: Ceramics

Muir Beach Authors

  • Greg Ketchum: iPhoto & self-help books
  • Erin Pinto: Raw foods recipe book
  • Judith Yamamoto: Poetry book

Junior Artisans

  • Christian Bender: Organic herbal products
    Maya Nesbitt-Schnadt: Heart decorations
  • Ashton Onorato: Pottery
  • Daniella Silva: Fleece & felt toys

Children's Holiday Ornament & Gift Bazaar Extravaganza

  • Muir Beach kids make really fun things!

Quilters Booth - Quilters

All year long the growing number of members of
Muir Beach Quilters meet at the community center
following Wednesday’s Bistro to work on individual
and group projects. (Knitters have always had a
special place at the table so you will once again
find lots of variety in the booth this year).

  • Judy Brooks: Knitted accessories
  • Florence Buchenroth: Quilted accessories
    Peggy Chiang: Knitted accessories
  • Tayeko Kaufman: Toddler quilts
  • Diana Leaman: Handmade purses
  • Julia Leaman: Handmade purses
  • Pam McCosker: Quilted accessories
  • Outi Onorato: Knitted & felted accessories
  • Leslie Riehl: Quiltworks
  • Joanne Salz: Woven sculptures
  • Julie Smith: Knitted & quilted accessories
  • Kathy Sward: Art Quilts & quilted accessories
  • Judith Yamamoto: Quiltworks

Community Booths

  • Calendars: Children's calendars
  • Muir Beach Garden Club: Garden art
  • Muir Beach Volunteer Fire Dept: Logo gear

Gourmet Buffet

  • Barbary Coast Bistro:
    John & Lia Kourula-Sabbatini