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Point Reyes
To learn more about Muir Beach and beyond,
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California Coastline Project
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SF Gate
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Google Maps
Download directions to Muir Beach!


Muir Beach Dial-A-Ride
The West Marin Stagecoach
serves areas near Muir Beach!

SF Gate
Get info. on the Muir Woods
Shuttle, too!

Muir Beach
Click here for updates on the NPS & GG Ntl. Parks Conservancy's work being done at Muir Beach's trails & parking!

You probably should check the NPS/GGNRA's rules (dogs, permits, fires...)before you hit the sand of Muir Beach!
California State Parks
Mt Tam State Park is
above Muir Beach,
go here to learn more!
Need to hear a foghorn? Go here!
Muir Beach Webcam
Check out the daily webcam view of Big Beach from Siqward's porch!
Point Reyes Weekend
Want to watch a video of Coastal Marin beach animals? Enjoy!


Deb Allen
Want to know about Muir Beach real estate? Go here to reach Debra Allen, Realtor. And please remember that Muir Beach's zip code is 94965 (the same as Sausalito + Marin City's), so whatever you may find on Zillow, Trulia, etc. about Muir Beach is most likely not completely accurate!

Muir Beach Volunteer Fire Department
The Muir Beach Vol. Fire Dept. wants you to be prepared for emergencies!
Muir Beach CSD
The Muir Beach Community Services Dist. can tell you all about the local water dept!

Muir Beach History
Here's Muir Beach history, according to the gov.
Muir Beach History
And here's George's story + old historical photos

Point Reyes Light
Read a good coastal newspaper!

West Marin Citizen Newspaper
Keep reading... here's another
West Marin newspaper!
West Marin Citizen
Go here to read the Newsletter for the Panoramic Hwy. Area, above Muir Beach

Go here for Muir Beach neighborhood news!

Listen to a great coastal radio station!


Slide Ranch
Slide Ranch

Green Gulch Zen Center
Green Gulch Farm

Pelican Inn
Pelican Inn

Cottage at Muir Beach
The Cottage at Muir Beach


~ You can overnight at these neighbors'! ~

Oceanriders of Marin
Your horse will like these Muir Beach trails!

Trails near Muir Beach
Here's a great map to print of trails
near Muir Woods/Muir Beach!

Bike Trails
And for Muir Beach area mountain bikers, use this map!

Coastal Trail
And go here for more Marin Trails


Grey Whale Migration
Click here to find spots for Whale Watching!

And there's an App For That!

Proof Lab Surf Shop
And visit this store near Muir Beach for all your surf & skate needs!

Marin Watersheds Program
Want to know all about Redwood Creek's salmon? Click here!

Marine Mammal Center
Learn what to do if a marine mammal
needs help!

Or if any other wild Marin animal may need help, learn here!

Project Coyote
To get a coastal coyote to move on (nicely) please read this!


Seed Savers
Go here to purchase seeds of Marin & CA native plants!

Hungry Owl Project
Learn about a natural way
to control the rodent population!

Marin Audubon Society
See great photos of some of Muir Beach's birds here!


Marin Organic
For info on Marin's organic farms,
go here!

Marin County
To learn about Marin's Open Space Preserves, go here!
What is MALT? Learn here!
It's easy to recycle, go here to learn more!

Zero Waste Marin
Or try to have 0 waste!

Animal Rescue
Click here daily to give free food
donated every day to abused
and neglected animals.
It takes less than a minute!


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